Rates for massage, shiatsu, Thai massage, or a combination of techniques:
30-minutes $50
60-minutes $90
75-miniutes $100
90-minutes $120
120-minutes $160

Rates for H.A.R.T. Method (Mayan abdominal massage)

Initial H.A.R.T. Method appointment(1hr,45min) $165
90-minute follow up $150
60-minute follow up $120
30-minute follow up $80

Prices DO NOT include 8.025% MPLS sales tax. If you bring in a prescription or medical referral for massage, you will not be charged sales tax.

Gratuities are not expected. If you choose to leave a gratuity you support the pro bono and sliding fee work that I do. Curious about the pro bono/sliding fee work I offer? Ask me and I am happy to talk about it. It is sacred work to me and has always been a part of my business practice. To see if I am accepting new clients to work with on a pro bono/sliding fee please contact me directly and do not book until we have worked out an agreement.

All payments due at time of service. For payments made at a later date, including services billed to insurance for auto accidents, you will be billed at a rate of $30 per 15 minute unit.

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