H.A.R.T. Method 
H.A.R.T. Method (Holistic Abdominal Relief Therapy) is based on the traditional Maya abdominal therapy. It is excellent for treating reproductive, digestive, and menstrual issues as well as treating low back, hip and pelvic pain. It is grounded in knowledge shared ,with permission, by elders of Mayan, Aztec, Mixteca, and Nahuatl lineages as well as techniques developed by Kimberly Hart in her many years of study and practice with the elders and her own experience working in this field. Read more about Maya Abdominal Therapy and H.A.R.T. Method here.

Massage Therapy with Karen
Massage therapy is performed directly on the skin with oils and lotions. The client undressed to their comfort level underneath and secure, professional, and proper draping techniques are used to ensure comfort during the session. Karen uses her experience and heightened sense of touch to meet your body’s need for pain relief, injury repair, healing, and relaxation at the level of pressure that feels best for you.

Shiatsu with Karen
Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that uses finger pressure to help redirect your body’s chi. It relaxes your muscles and helps you achieve a balanced energy flow. It is based on the same principles as acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is performed through loose, comfortable clothing. Karen uses her experience and heightened sense of touch to meet you pressure needs and to address areas of tension and concern.

Thai Massage with Karen
Thai massage uses stretching and massage techniques to leave you feeling free and relaxed. It is performed through loose, comfortable clothing on a mat on the floor. Please bring appropriate clothing to your appointment.

Health History Forms

A note to everyone but ESPECIALLY  my trans/non-binary clients. Please know that these forms are forever a work in progress. Fill out the forms that feel most applicable to your body/organs and feel free to modify something to make it more accurate to your experience. I am always open to receiving feedback. Your information is kept safe and confidential.

Client Health History Part 1
Uterine Heath History Part 2
Prostate Health History Part 2